Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Based on Residency Restriction Decisions Elsewhere, When Will the Lawsuit Be Filed Against Omaha?

The June issue of our Ninety-Five% newsletter has been distributed. It features, among other things, the illegal Omaha residency restrictions on registered citizens. It is our hope that someone with the resources will challenge the Omaha restrictions in court. It's happening to good effect elsewhere.

The Crime Report, in a recently published article, shows how such residency restrictions increase danger to the public and trigger costly lawsuits in the jurisdictions where they are enacted.

Cited in the article is a Colorado case in which a registrant won a lawsuit against the restrictions. Here's an excerpt:
One finding in the Ryals’ case in Colorado case could resonate in other states.

The judge found compelling a 2009 white paper by Colorado’s Sex Offender Management Board concluding that residency bans don’t lower recidivism and could actually increase the risk to the public. According to the paper, that’s because they drive offenders underground or toward homelessness, making them harder for police and probation officers to track.
We recommend the full article to lawmakers and policymakers who might be hoodwinked into considering residency restrictions. Read it here.

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