Friday, May 15, 2015

Omaha Church Hires a Formerly Registered Citizen

Here's a day-brightener: Omaha's Lifegate Church hired as a pastor a man who used to be on the Iowa sex offender registry.
[The pastor] didn't serve any jail time and his name has been removed from Iowa’s sex offender registry after 10 years.
In a news release, Lifegate Church said,
In considering Mike and Sharla for our Lifegate team, we fully informed ourselves through an exhaustive research, interview, prayer and consulting process that lasted several months. 
"This confirmed to us that Mike's devotion to Jesus, ministry experience, pastoral and leadership giftings make him the right fit for Lifegate. Certainly, we are also aware that Mike has successfully completed all requirements by the State of Iowa for his one and only misconduct of more than a decade ago, and Iowa removed Mike from all registries. Of equal importance to us, Sharla and Mike’s marriage not only survived but has thrived over a considerable period of time 
Congratulations to the new pastor and his wife. It's good to see a marriage that survives and thrives through "registry time". That gives hope to others who are just setting out on this difficult path. It can be done.
...the church elders became firmly convinced that Mike’s personal life, family and marriage have been fully restored, as proven by more than 10 years of integrity and excellence.
Ten years of integrity and excellence is, indeed, to be celebrated and admired. More often than not, registered citizens live lives of integrity and excellence, something we all wish people would acknowledge.

Good luck to the new pastor. May his example help to shine a light on the truth about registered citizens.



  1. This is indeed beautiful and heartwarming. Congratulations to Mike and Sharla and to their new congregation.

  2. Sex crimes must ALWAYS have consequences. I can only imagine how his victim must feel. He commits a crime against her body, mind, and soul and all anyone can talk about is what a "good guy" he is. This is rape culture 101. Wake up. Yes there can be redemption, but that does not mean that consequences are not lifelong. It takes far longer than ten years for a family to recover, I feel for them as well. They are also victims of this sick mans' actions.


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