Thursday, July 30, 2015

New Mexico Radio Program Is Worth a Listen

Listen to the interview of Barry Porter and Sheila Lewis, attorneys from New Mexico, as they discuss reentry barriers and collateral consequences facing those with felony convictions. The show was aired on July 29, 2015 on public radio in Santa Fe and is available online by clicking here.

The hour-long show covers many topics with an emphasis on:

 · barriers to reentry;
 · lack of housing/employment opportunities;
 · excessive sentencing; and
 · the need to enact legislation that would expunge some arrest records.

Both attorneys discuss sex offender registration in detail and the need to move away from the “one- size fits all approach” that is used in New Mexico and most other states. Mr. Porter attended the RSOL national conference and mentioned some of what he learned regarding practices in other states.

Mr. Porter is a regular contributor to the RSOL monthly newsletter in New Mexico.

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  1. Very good program. Touches a lot of bases.


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