Thursday, October 22, 2015

How Much of That State Patrol Overtime is Registry Make-Work?

The Nebraska State Patrol has found it necessary to rein in overtime due to scrutiny from the news media.

While the governor's travel appears to be getting most of the attention, we have to ask again: How much of the overtime is due to useless make-work that was created when Nebraska in 2010 decided to throw all Registered Citizens regardless of risk onto the public website?

The Patrol is not being forthcoming when it is asked about how it is spending taxpayer dollars.

Nebraskans Unafraid thinks it would be instructive for all taxpayers to know how much it costs to track former sex offenders who (research proves) are not dangerous and do not represent significant reoffense risks.

We are spending a lot of money on "seeming" to protect our communities. What we're actually doing is making our communities more dangerous because we're focusing on people who are not going to reoffend.

Read the Nebraska Watchdog on Nebraska State Patrol overtime.

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