Sunday, March 27, 2016

IML: America's International Shame

Writing online for the Huffington Post, University of Miami Associate Professor of Law Tamara Rice Lave pulls no punches in condemning the recently passed International Megan's Law.

Lave lays out in detail why the law will not accomplish its stated goal. Yet the law sailed through Congress without debate or question.
When it comes to legislation controlling sex offenders, facts are beside the point. And so out of misguided hysteria, the United States has passed a law requiring sex offenders to have a permanent mark on their passport. And make no mistake — this is going to curtail their ability to travel outside the country, including to places like England and France, not exactly hotbeds for child sex tourism.
On Wednesday, a U.S. District Judge will hear a motion for a preliminary injunction seeking to stop implementation of the International Megan's Law.

Read Lave's post here.

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