Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Yes, ex-felons in Nebraska can register to vote

Secretary of State John Gale
Nebraska Secretary of State John Gale takes issue with an ACLU of Nebraska survey in which half of the county election officials in the state apparently provided incorrect information to the question whether former felons can register to vote. Nonetheless, Gale says the answer to that question is yes - former felons in Nebraska can register to vote.
State law allows a convicted felon to register to vote two years after completing all of the terms of a sentence, which include parole and probation. The voting disqualification is automatically removed by court order at such time.
Surveyors said 47 of the state's 93 counties did not give accurate information. Additional counties initially provided wrong information but followed up with correct information.
Gale said his office was not aware of any instance in which a felon was denied his or her voting rights.  

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