Friday, September 23, 2016

How much punishment is enough for viewing child porn?

Writing online for Mimesis Law, U.S. Senior District Judge Richard Kopf asks how much punishment is enough for those caught viewing child pornography. He appears sympathetic to those sentenced to long federal prison terms for possession and distribution of child porn. 
Judge Richard Kopf
So evening comes, and you descend to the “man cave” in the basement, you access your Dell and scroll down to your peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing program to get kiddie porn. You don’t know, really, why this stuff fascinates you. You also don’t fully understand how your P2P works, but you do know that your computer now automatically shares kiddie porn with other like-minded individuals and they in turn share with you. In fact, your particular P2P program does not have an “on and off” switch.
Anyway, you spend several evenings a week “privately enjoying” videos of little girls getting screwed.  The “Vicky” series is a favorite. You are at once repelled and attracted.  Never, in the physical world, would you watch such things being done to a child. In the same vein, not even the devil incarnate could force you to do such things to a child.
Read the full essay at Mimesis Law.

Related: Judge Kopf is much less sympathetic to actual producers of child pornography.

More: Bloomberg News looks at why federal prison sentences for child pornography are often greater than sentences for rape and molestation.

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