Thursday, October 27, 2016

Canadian judge says national sex offender registry unconstitutional

Perhaps this sort of judicial thinking will migrate south this winter:
An Edmonton judge has ruled that the national sex offender registry is unconstitutional as it is "over broad and grossly disproportionate" and violates people of their charter rights.
 According to an article in the Edmonton Sun, Justice Andrea Moen issued the ruling in a case involving a man convicted of two sexual assaults.

"In my view, including offenders on the registry who have little to no chance of reoffending bears no relation to protecting the public. Subjecting all offenders, regardless of their future risk, to onerous reporting requirements, random compliance checks by the police and internal stigma, goes further than what is necessary to accomplish the goal of protecting the public, and is therefore over broad," said Moen.
 Read more in the Edmonton Sun.

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