Thursday, May 11, 2017

Inmates' deaths ruled homicides

Nebraska prison officials say the deaths of two inmates during a March 2 riot at the Tecumseh state prison were homicides.  From the Lincoln Journal-Star report:
Damon Fitzgerald and Michael Galindo both had multiple sharp and blunt force injuries, according to a press release from the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services.
Spokeswoman Dawn-Renee Smith said Galindo's death certificate lists smoke inhalation as the main cause, with other wounds contributing.
Fitzgerald's death certificate lists burn injuries and strangulation as contributing to his death...
Fitzgerald, 39, was serving 310 to 470 years for back-to-back rapes in Omaha in two weeks in 2005.
Galindo, 31, was serving 12 to 21 years, most of it for a 2014 robbery at a Git N Split store in Scottsbluff.
No charges have been filed in the deaths of Fitzgerald and Galindo. Five inmates have been killed at the Tecumseh prison in the past two years. 

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