Thursday, June 15, 2017

Polygraph therapy scrutinized in child porn case

Courthouse News Service reports on a case in New York that's drawing scrutiny to the use of so-called "therapeutic polygraphs" for sex offenders.

Richard Llanga Moran challenged the use of the polygraph as a condition of his supervised release.
The therapist he meets with regularly has found Llanga Moran “forthcoming and engaged in sessions,” but prosecutors want a so-called lie-detector test to determine whether Llanga Moran has accepted responsibility for his crime.Llanga Moran drew the government’s skepticism with his insistence that there is an innocent explanation for the start to his habit. He said he had been trying to download Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” on a file-sharing service, when he stumbled upon the pornography that he found “morbidly intriguing” rather than sexually arousing.Assistant U.S. Attorney Drew Rolle wants a court-ordered polygraph, but U.S. District Judge Kiyo Matsumoto appeared reluctant to grant such relief on June 13 after putting a psychiatrist, a probation officer and several attorneys in the hot seat at a three-hour hearing.
Read more about the case at Courthouse News Service.

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